Colors That Boost your Web Design


One cannot underestimate the importance of color in designing a web layout. After all, a website with a drab color scheme will be easily looked over or ignored, considering now that the attention span of Internet users continues to dwindle. There is a want of appeal that sometimes even brilliant content is unable to remedy. Luckily, research has shown that some colors are more effective than others in eliciting a response or a certain emotion from the viewer. Taking into account the meaning behind the following colors might just be the key to winning more clicks for your site.

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Blue can give us an aura of calmness and relaxation, and numerous scientific researches attest to it. It is not surprising then how most social networking sites today – Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, among others – employ said color in their web designs. The color blue makes scrolling through numerous tweets relaxing and almost addictive because the color itself levels your mood and emotions, thus encouraging prolonged stay. Using blue on your web design might just increase the time spent by visitors on your site, whether they are aware of it or not.

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Red has always been associated with anger or danger, but it actually elicits in us excitement and influences us to act impulsively. A web designer can utilize the energizing effects of red if his content calls for it. For instance, an online shop might benefit in having a dash of red in its web design. This will encourage spontaneity in the mindset of the viewer, which in turn might reflect on his purchases. Using red in a corporate website will also give the idea that the company is passionate in delivering its services or selling its products to customers.

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Black, while strictly speaking not a color but the lack of it, suggests elegance, depth and solidity. This is probably why black text on light background is the most effective content presentation. Not only is it easy on the eyes but it imposes upon the reader the importance of the text and makes it stand out. Black is also good for accentuating various parts of the site while imposing on viewers that all is still part of a larger, organized whole. Too much of it might make the website seem depressing and gloomy, however; it is best used to highlight important content you would want visitors of the site to first take notice of.

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These are only few possibilities where one can use colors strategically in one’s web design. Warm colors such as orange and yellow usually denote cheerfulness, which might be useful in injecting an enthusiastic mood in the website. Meanwhile, using cool colors such as green and purple in the web design gives a serene, uncluttered impression. Understanding the meaning behind colors is a worthwhile undertaking for web designers – a surefire way to boost not only their design’s aesthetic appeal but also its impact on their website’s viewers.